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Closed. This place does't exist any more.


318 Gilmore Ave Burnaby BC
V5C 4R1 Burnaby


Phone: 604-428-8682
Fax: 604-428-8682
eMail: pure5wellnesshub [at] gmail.com
Website: http://pure5wellness.com/

Description & offer

Providing natural health care solutions through a wide range of therapeutic methods now available in Burnaby,including massage therapy, naturopath ,halotherapy (salt cay), Acupuncture and more.

Pure5 Wellness was founded based on the belief that there is a 2 tier strategy towards health and wellness. Most, only take the westernized approach to medicine by going to a Doctor and receiving medications with unwanted side effects to mask the underlying challenges. As previous pharmacy owners, we belief the key to true health and wellness is the realization that, YOU are the first line of defense against disease and illness. Tier 2 is an integrated health and wellness plan which you should integrate through education, thus empowering you towards a healthy lifestyle. What do you put inside your body, from food to medications. Lifestyle evaluations from exercise to stress relief and ultimately understanding how your body functions and adapts daily to your routines.

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