Never standing in front of a closed store...

16. 06. 2009 von yetzt

For all the people begging and bugging me to bring a delete-button into the vegan guide: I will never do that. But i've got something better: A this-place-is-gone-button. Right.

Now you can mark places as closed, so people using this vegan guide will never again (or at least less frequently) stand in front of a closed shop or restaurant. And the people searching for their most-loved place will notice it's gone. Right before they book a flight. Because the description page is still here and it has now a big red warning sign above it if the place is gone.

Its magic. Its awesome. Dadada. Does anyone actually read this?


veganch 16. 06. 2009 11:02

Perfect, as it really is a bummer to be left standing hungry in a foreign place!

phobos 17. 06. 2009 07:39

Great, this is a good solution.

wonko 19. 06. 2009 14:24

Hooray! :)

nichepalony 31. 10. 2011 19:38

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keeanu11 19. 04. 2012 12:57

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